Alexandra is a 30-something with a passion for writing and hiking. In sharing her ramblings – both flowing thoughts and nature exploration – Alex hopes to welcome others into her journey as she makes her life count.

Life is too precious to be wasted, but the ups and downs, the ebbs and flows can make it difficult to navigate. When nothing is guaranteed, how can we make our lives ours? And how can we have a positive impact on the world around us? These, and other big questions, are what Alex will be looking at in this blog.

Welcome to the adventure!

I have dabbled in writing ever since I was a little girl when I wanted to be an author. Fairy tales and mythology have long been an endless source of fascination, but I have always lost myself in books of many genres. In my teenage years I went from wanting to be an author to an astronaut – born from a yearning for adventure, learning and exploration – but that soon came full circle! As I moved into university, I studied English Literature and Western Esotericism. I have always wanted to understand people’s cultures and beliefs, particularly our heritage here in the British Isles, and as I grew up I wanted to understand myself, and how my life has been shaped by heritage, belief systems, culture and family. Over the years, and the many adventures, joys, losses, shocks and lessons that came with them, one thing I have become a firm believer in is making life count. Making it rich, full and vibrant. Another thing I have learned is that this takes work: you can’t just sit back, but rather have to make life work for you. And I want to work for it! I hope you’ll join me.

Alex and her writing have been featured in Lit Without Limits, Higher Selfie, She is Without Limits and Bella Rae. She has written two dissertations on mythology in Arthurian Literature: Sir Gawain and the Goddess (University of Aberystwyth, 2008), and Knights of the Grail (University of Exeter, 2010). She is currently working on a new novel.

When Alex is not writing for a hobby, she can mostly be found hiking and practicing photography, hanging out with her wonderful friends, and learning about sustainable living close to the earth. Follow Alex on Instagram for more on her photography and an insight into her life.